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ANDRE BARUCH - Biography

Andre Baruch, one of the most celebrated names in the field of broadcasting, has covered almost every phase of communications: announcer, news commentator, talk show host, disc jockey and sportscaster. He is also seen and heard on radio and TV commercials for many of America's leading blue chip companies.

Baruch is a veteran of World War II and was involved in the original invasion of North Africa. He spent almost four years overseas and was honorably discharged as a major. He is credited with starting the Armed Forces Network with stations in Casablanca, Oran, Algiers, Constantine, Tunis, Sicily and Italy.

After the war, Baruch and his wife, singer Bea Wain, began the first husband and wife deejay show in the U.S. on WMCA in New York where they were known as Mr. and Mrs. Music. Later, the show was presented on the ABC and NBC networks.

When sportscaster Red Barber moved over to the New York Yankees announcing booth in 1954, Baruch was tapped by the Brooklyn Dodgers to do play-by-play alongside Vin Scully. When the team moved to Los Angeles, he stayed in N.Y. to continue his broadcasting there. During the course of his long career, he has announced such notable presentations as "Your Hit Parade," "The Kate Smith Show," "The Shadow," "The United States Steel Hour," "The Fred Waring Show" and hundreds of others too numerous to mention.

In 1973, the Baruchs moved to Palm Beach and did a daily four hour talk show over a period of five and one half years. It became the top rated prime time show in the area.

In 1979, Andre Baruch was inducted into the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

His career dates back to the big band era when he was a staff announcer in New York for CBS and announced almost every name band of the time-- Glenn Miller, The Dorseys, Benny Goodman, Harry James, Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra, Guy Lombardo, Woody Herman, Duke Ellington, et al.

He and his wife currently reside in Beverly Hills, California where he is very active in doing voice-overs, narration for films and the radio re- creation of "Your Hit Parade" which is now being syndicated throughout the country.

Baruch is an avid golfer and recently made his third hole-in-one. Because of this he has been quoted as saying, "1 am now a legend in my spare time."

More about these fine personalities who contribute so much in Volume III and IV with their amazing talent of the voices of Jimmy Durante, Louie Armstrong, Jack Benny, Rochester, Elvis Presley, Frank Fontaine and many more.

Jimmy Caeser, famous comic and impressionist, who starred in the recent musical comedy "The Jimmy Durante Story" does a remarkable recreation of Jimmy Durante in the "Great Concert" concept. To know Jimmy Caeser is to love him. He sincerely loves people and enjoys mingling with his audience after a show.

Jimmy Caeser is always in demand by producers of the many lounge shows in Vegas, Tahoe and Reno, and for the best show rooms throughout the country. Primarily, he is used as an opener for many of the great stars of today. They always ask for him for he always leaves his audience with a"warm glow" and in a receptive mood for the headliner. Without a doubt, he will soon emerge as the headliner.

He says "You're never dressed up til' you wear a smile." After a few minutes of Jimmy Caeser's act you'll be wearing a great big smile.

He adopted that slogan after hearing one of Al Trace's songs with the same title. When Teddy Phillips saw him in the Jimmy Durante Story", he immediately knew he was the man. He said, "he fits like a hand in a glove" for the "Great Concert in the Sky".

Lynn Roberts, Emil Flaim, Jack Wagner, and Jimmy Caeser, all talented musicians and entertainers, will be with the Teddy Phillips Band when he goes on tour for live concerts in the very near future.

While residing in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Al Trace discovered three brilliant musicians and entertainers from Phoenix. Teddy Phillips brought them into the band and they played a prominent part in the "Great Concert."

Namely, Emil Flaim - pianist, vocalist and impressionist extraordinary; Jack Wagner- trumpet vocalist, amazing and almost uncanny impressionist. Lynn Roberts -- saxophonist vocalist, his one man band act has won him rave notices from music critics.

To top it all, are his remarkable impersonations. At the time of this writing, all three are stars and recording artists in their own right. Plus added comments by Don Jackson, the radio voice of Arizona.

B: Chicago, IL 1907
D: Chicago, IL 1949

His father was tenor saxist Eugene "Jug" Ammons - played Chicago clubs primarily famous for his "boogie woogie" beat which they say he initiated, and his association with Pete Johnson was a big success as a duo. He formed his own band in Chicago and played all the Chicago clubs.
"Boogie Woogie Beat"

Vocalist and Trumpet
B: New Orleans, Louisiana 1900
D: New York, New York 1971

Affectionately called "Old Pops". In 1935 he met Joe Glaser, his manager in Chicago, who took him under his wing and to stardom. He made European tours with great success and was popular the world over especially in England and Russia. He made his first film entitled "New Orleans" with Billie Holiday. He was featured in the "Glen Miller Story," "Hello Dolly," and many others.

His big records in the late twenties and early thirties included "Stardust," "Up a Lazy River," and"Confessin'." His theme included in this album " SleepyTime Down South." He was probably the most imitated artist of all time. As the narrator says, "A name that will live forever in jazz history." His records on the RCA and DECCA labels will undoubtedly remain collector's items.

Especially outstanding are his "Dinah," "Body and Soul" and "Mack the Knife" recordings. He has played with King Olivers' Band, Fletcher Henderson and Earl Hines in Chicago. Also has played jazz festivals in France, Japan and Ghana. His fame is world wide.
"When It's Sleepy Time Down South"
"Sleepy Time Down South"

B: 1907 
D.' 1951

Featured with Paul Whiteman for many years; married to Red Norvo and did radio work with Benny Goodman. A much admired vocalist and will always be remembered for her recording of "Ole Rockin' Chair."
"Rockin' Chair"

Band Leader, Pianist, Composer 
B: Red Bank, N. J. 1904 
D: 1984

First studied with his mother. He joined Benny Moten Orchestra in Kansas City. He later organized his own band, and played on radio, at hotels, theatres, nite clubs, also toured Europe and all through United States, co-wrote and wrote many songs, including his theme "One O'Clock Jump" (theme included in album), "Jumpin' At The Woodside," "Swingin' The Blues," etc.

He started his first band in Kansas City, Missouri. At one period Billie Holiday was his vocalist as was Joe Williams, who still is carrying on successfully. He made many TV appearances and has recorded for DECCA, Columbia and various other labels. William Count Basie, the popular and legendary pianist, made his last appearance with Ella Fitzgerald March 21, 1986 in Los Angeles.
"One O'Clock Jump"
"April in Paris"

B: Chicago, IL 1894, Valentine's Day
D: 1974

He lived in Waukegan, Illinois in his early years, -- a star in every respect, vaudeville, films, radio and television. He played the violin in local Waukegan bands. Graduated to being "#1 radio comic in 1934, and kept that rating until his career ended.
Waukegan, Illinois named a school after him. In 1958 his show was rated the best by the television academy. He was by far one of the most beloved personalities the entertainment world has ever known.
"Love In Bloom"

Band Leader, Composer, Violinist
B: New York, May 30, 1891
D: Beverly Hills, CA- October 20, 1943

He was featured on radio for many years: co-writer of "Who's Your Little Whoosis," "Sweet Georgia Brown," "Strange Interlude," etc. Pabst Blue Ribbon Show featured Ben Bernie Band. He was a favorite in the Chicago area, playing at Chicago World's Fair in 1933, also the Sherman Hotel in Chicago, theatres and hotels throughout the country.

He was a great front man full of personality. Dick Stabile was one of his saxophonists. Dinah Shore at one time was his vocalist. (His theme is included in the album, "It's A Lonesome Old Town"). Our talented band leader Teddy Phillips was an important member of the Ben Bernie Band in his early years and has fond memories of his former "boss" He was known as the "Ole Maestro."
"It's A Lonesome Ole Town"

B: Madison, WI 1909 
D: June, 1942

His theme - "1 Can't Get Started" was much in demand in his early years by top orchestra leaders for recording & Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and others featured his brilliant trumpet work. He recorded with his own band for RCA. He died at an early age of thirty-three. (Proof of his brilliancy is noted together with his activity in the album).
"I Can't Get Started"

B: Europe, 1894
D: 1955

Another famous musician who gained fame with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra and later stardom with his own band. H is theme " Hot Lips" is included in the album. He was popular in the late thirties and active until he passed on. "When Day Is Done" is one of his most popular recordings as well as his theme. He originally introduced and wrote "Hot Lips," "Wang Wang Blues," - he recorded for Victor-Columbia and DECCA
"Hot Lips"

Vocalist & Comic 
B: 1892
D: October, 1953

A Ziegfield star of such great musicals as "Whoopee," and "Kid Boots," - His T.V. shows were always top rated. He idolized Al Jolson. They were close friends. Cantor's" lf You Knew Susie" always stopped t he show. H e always remembered Ida, his wife in his performances. They had five girls. Truly one of our great performers of all time.
"If You Knew Susie"

B: In Paris, September 12, 1888
D: 1972

At seventeen he joined the nite club act of Mestinguett, the French star and together at Folies Bergere, became the rage of Paris. He made his first film in 1929, "Innocents Of Paris" and made personal appearances all over the world. He was a tremendous success in films and T.V. and also recorded on M.G.M. label. His one man concerts were a huge success due to his charm and magnetism.

Piano, Vocal Star
B: 1919
D: Of cancer in Santa Monica Hospital, 1965

Star of stage, screen, radio and T.V. and a monumental recording song star. A gracious and considerate gentleman. His trio became very popular;, then as a single, ran the gamut of hit recordings. He was married to Maria Cole, a former vocalist, the parents of five children. "Sweet Lorraine," "Mona Lisa," "The Christ-mas Song" and so many others of hit proportions will be long remembered. His recordings are in constant demand. His daughter, Natalie, is a great recording star at this time of writing. His brother, Ike Cole, vocalized "Mona Lisa" (in this album).
"Mona Lisa"

Violinist and Vocalist
B: 1894
D: 1934

Russ played with Gus Arnheim Band and later formed his own band. He was handsome and charming. He died in a gun accident. His recording of "Prisoner of Love," which is included in the album, will always be remembered. He was regarded as the very first crooner.
"Prisoner of Love"

Composer, Vocalist, Film Star
B: Tacoma, Washington - May, 1904
D: In Spain - October, 1977

Theme "When The Blue of the Nite"... he formed the Rhythm Boys Trio with Al Rinker and Harry Barris, toured with Paul Whiteman for many years. Made many movies in which he starred: "The Big Broadcast,"" King of Jazz" and many more. Co-writer of many hit songs including "Girl of My Dreams," "1 Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance." His records sold in the millions. His " White Christmas" topped any record in history in sales. A phenomenal personality and most celebrated vocalist and a remarkable fine actor.
"Blue of the Night"(medley)

Alto Saxophone - Clarinet
B: 1904
D: June, 1957

His saxophone was featured in many outstanding recordings. He brought fame to his outstanding vocalists Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell. Their recordings of "Green Eyes" "Amapola" and "Tangerine" are still remembered. Ella Mae Morse was also a Dorsey vocalist and Tutti Camarata made many of his fine arrangements. Most any time Jimmy could be found on the golf course when not on the band stand. He passed away about six months after Tommy. His theme " Contrasts" as recreated by Teddy Phillips, one of our bigger and better dance bands. Jimmy Dorsey's last hit record was "So Rare" on the Fraternity label.

B: 1905
D: 1956

One of the great dance bands of all time. His vocalists included Frank Sinatra, Joe Stafford and the Pied Pipers. An absolute perfectionist. "Bunny" Berigan was one of his " key" men. Also, Jack Teagarden and drummer Buddy Rich. The recording of "Marie" was probably his most famous. "Song of India," "I'll Never Smile Again," "Sunny Side of the Street," "Hawaiian War Chant," "Swanee River" were other standouts. Recorded on R.C.A. label. Famous for his trombone playing in "Sentimental Over You" (included in the album).
"I'm Getting Sentimental Over You"

B: 1910
D: 1951

Was conductor and Lieutenant Commander of the Navy Band during World War II. He was handsome, sparkling personality, wonderful showmanship. His band was a big favorite at some of the country's finest hotels. Film made: "The Eddie Duchin Story"... his son, Peter, at this writing, is leading his own orchestra where he carries on also at the piano. He is very popular in society circles, as was Eddie Duchin.
"My Love How I Love You"

Composer, Comic
B: New York City's lower east side - February 10, 1893
D: In St. John's Hospital in California - 1980

He was the son of a barber, -- his father wanted him to become a barber, but Jimmy had his heart set on show business. His show business career spanned over 60 years and brought him success in every medium. He was widely known for his generous charitable acts.
To his fans, he was known as Jimmy or affectionately called, "Schnozzola." He was a most beloved entertainer. A series of strokes in 1972 made it impossible for him to continue performing. "lnka Dinka Doo" was his famous trademark.

He also appeared in many New York Broadway musicals such as George White's Scandals, Jumbo, Red Hot and Blue, Sally, Irene and Mary. Also appeared in many movies, he had his own radio and TV shows. He was a star in every sense of the word.
"I Could Have Danced All Night"(medley)

Composer, Band Leader, Pianist
B: Washington, D.C. - April 1899
D: 1974

The Duke composed many hit songs including "Mood Indigo," "Sophisticated Lady," "Caravan," "Solitude," "I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good," "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" and a host of others, - under the leadership of his son Mercer. Also played a jazz concert in Carnegie Hall... One of America's most popular bands. Also played at the White House at the invitation of our then President Nixon. Regarded as one of the greatest bands in America.
"Take The A Train"

Band Leader

He  is theme" My Dear" written in collaboration with Freddie Large, the " spark plug" of the Garber band. He recorded for Columbia, Capital and Dot, always in demand by leading ballrooms especially in the midwest area. His band was titled " The Idol of the Airlines."
"My Dear"

B: Frances Gumm, Minnesota - 1922
D: England- 1969

Started her screen career in 1936 and ranked as one of the best money makers in motion pictures. Broke all records for lengthy engagements at Palace Theatre in New York. Some of her most successful pictures included "Wizard of Oz," "Meet Me In St. Louie." Her many recordings sold in the millions. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (included in the album) is a perennial favorite.
Her many concert engagements were most always a complete sellout. Her radio and TV appearances were always a " special." Absolutely a complete success. Her daughter Liza Minnelli is a star in her own right. She is acclaimed by New York critics as the most complete female entertainer. Her version of "New York, New York" is an absolute show stopper. Really, as they say, "A Chip Off the Block"... mother and daughter monumental stars. "New York, New York" was written expressly for Liza Minnelli.
"Over The Rainbow"

B: Chicago, Illinois- May 30, 1909
D: In New York - June 13, 1986

Benny Goodman was ten years old when he first picked up a clarinet. When he was 16 he was playing with Benny Pollack's fine band. At age 20 he left the the Pollack Band and went on to New York. One of his first jobs was in the orchestra pit of Broadway's "Girl Crazy." Then he formed his own band and went on to Los Angeles where he became a sensation at the Palomar Ballroom. Soon he was called the." King of Swing." He was also known as the virtuoso of classical clarinet. He was the first band leader to bring black musicians into his band. Teddy Wilson at piano, and Lionel Hampton on vibes gave it added strength. In 1962, Benny Good man took his jazz band to Russia. The first nite audience in Moscow included Nikita Khruschev. Benny Goodman was equally " at home" on a classical concert stage, as on a ballroom stage. He surrounded himself with great musicians who later found stardom on there own, like Bunny Berigan, Lionel Hampton, Gene Krupa, Harry James, etc. His featured vocalist was Peggy Lee and other great vocalist & Steve Allen portrayed him in a successful movie " The Benny Goodman Story." He was the absolute perfectionist and he undoubtedly will go down in history as one of the world's greatest jazz clarinetist and a "superstar." His theme was "Let's Dance."
"Let's Dance"

B: Roanoke, Illinois - June 1906
D: Plymouth, Mass - August 1963

Played with Goldkette and appeared in films. Made many fine recordings, includeing " Talk of the Town," "Casa Loma Stomp" ... he was a big favorite in leading hotels throughout the country, especially Casa Loma Hotel in Toronto, Canada. Tall, handsome and always " a beautiful band." His theme "Smoke Rings" is included in the album.
"Smoke Rings"

Band Leader, Composer, Vocalist
B: Woodland Hills, California - September 12, 1914
D: Palm Desert, California - May 23, 1963

Prominent member of the Dick Jurgens Band, and later started his own. Vocalist for NBC radio, made many popular records with his own band. Appeared in various top hotels and clubs. Composed "My Last Good-bye," "A Million Dreams Ago," "So Long For Now," "Careless" and many more. One of Chicago's most popular band leaders,-- handsome and always gracious and multi-talented. Started his own band in 1941.
"Little Lost Angel"

Composer, Band Leader, Pianist
B: Duquene, PA - December 1905
D: 1983

Started with a trio then formed his own band,-- played Grand Terrace in Chicago for 12 years. Played concerts frequently in Europe, Latin America, Australia and Japan as well as Soviet Russia for the U.S. State Department. Composed many songs including " Rosetta," a big seller. Also, "You Can Depend On Me," "Everything Depends On You," "The Father Jumps." His main vocalist, Billy Ekstine, who at the time of this writing is still popular in many concerts and Vegas showrooms. Earl "Fatha" Hines played with Carol Dickerson and Louie Armstrong Bands in his earlier years. Recorded for Victor, Columbia, Capital, -- was a big favorite in San Francisco showrooms.
"G.T. Stomp"

B: New Orleans, Louisiana - 1912
D: 1972

New Orleans and Bourbon Street has given us a wealth of musical greats. Included in these unforgettable names, special tribute must be given to the greatest spiritual and gospel singer the world has ever known, Mahalia Jackson.
"He's Got The Whole World In His Hands"

Band Leader, Composer, Trumpet Player
B: Albany, Georgia- March 15, 1916
D: July 5, 1983

Studied with his father who was conductor of a well known circus band. He played with Ben Pollack's Big Band. Also with Benny Goodman for a few years. Formed his own band in 1939. Wrote "Two O'Clock Jump," "Flight of the Bumble Bee," "Concerto for Trumpet," and others. He had an uncanny ear for picking vocalists for his band which included Frank Sinatra, Dick Haymes, Helen Forest and Connie Haines. H is record, "You Made Me Love You" for Columbia records was a tremendous hit. He played the Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe Iounges with great success, made a European tour and also did the Coca Cola's Spot Lite Band shows. One of our most popular and successful dance bands. Married at one time to Betty Grable, film star. He was a prime favorite at the Astor Roof in New York Another big hit record for Columbia was "I've Heard That Song Before."

B: 1886 
D: 1950

Sometimes called the greatest minstrel of all who starred in many musicals including "Bombo" where it played in Chicago to standing room only for a long period. Appeared in the first all talkie, "The Jazz Singer" where he immortalized the song "Sonny Boy." His records, including "Swanee" (in this album) are considered collectors' item & "The Anniversary Song" recorded by him will also always remain a favorite, also recorded for DECCA.

Band Leader, Saxophone, Clarinet, Pianist
B: 1905
D: 1940 Auto Accident

Started his first band while attending the University of North Carolina. Studied piano, but played sax and clarinet. Had a fine commercial band with a most unusual but interesting style. Made many fine records. Skinny Ennis was his featured vocalist. Saxophonist Saxie Dowell, writer of "Three Little Fishies" was one of his sidemen. He was very popular in the Chicago area especially at the Blackhawk Home of Big Bands.
"Got A Date With An Angel"

Pianist, Band Leader, Composer
B: Wichita, Kansas - February 19, 1912
D: Hollywood, California at age 67, August 25, 1979

Jazz innovator for almost 40 years. He started in 1946 at Redlands University in California. H e was to the last degree a dedicated musician. Dedicated to the art and business of music that has never been equaled. He was called an important link between jazz and the classic & Appeared in many concerts and theatres throughout Europe, Mexico, Australia and Japan. Wrote "Artistry in Rhythm," "Eager Beaver, .... Opus in Pastels," "Southern Scandal," "Changing Times," "Special Delivery" and many others. A rare genius in the jazz field. He left his entire collection of original scores and manuscripts to the Library of North Texas State University.
"Artistry in Rhythm"

Band Leader, Composer, Saxophonist 
B: Savannah, Illinois- February 1901 
D: 1985

Played with Del Lampe Orchestra. Formed his own band in 1927 and played Aragon Ballroom in Chicago for many years. Co-wrote "The Waltz You Saved For Me" and " Goofus." He was known as the "Waltz King," for his beautiful mellow tone. Was a close friend of Teddy Phillips who displays a remarkable rendition of the Wayne King sound (in this album).
"Tonight You Belong To Me"

B: Chicago, Illinois - 1909
D: In New York, N.Y.- 1973

Studied drums with Roy Knapp in Chicago. Played with Red Nichols Band, also Buddy Rogers. Featured with Benny Goodman's Swing Band. Started his own band in 1938. Also featured with Tommy Dorsey Band. Appeared in films and starred in the Benny Goodman Story. Considered as one of America's great drummer & Recorded for Brunswick. His career was played in a Columbia Picture release "The Gene Krupa Story."

B: Circleville, Ohio- June 1892
D: August 1971

Employed many well known jazz stars. His theme was "When My Baby Smiles At M e." " Me And My Shadow" was one of his great bits of entertainment. Played clubs, hotels, etc. However, he primarily was a fine theatre or vaudeville band.
"When My Baby Smiles At Me"

Violinist, Orchestra Leader 
B: 1902 
D: 1977

Rossevelt Hotel in New York was his home base for years. "Boo-Hoo," "Sweet-hearts On Parade," "Seem Like Old Times" written by Carmen were all smash hits for the Lombardo Band. Larry Owens did much of the arranging. Band originally called Guy Lombardo and Royal Canadians. Band started in the twenties, which included four brothers, Guy, Lebert, Carmen and Victor. Featured vocalist Kenny Gardner. Many recording affiliations, but primarily on DECCA. Featured on radio shows-- Lady Ester Serenade and Spotlite Bands. One of the most popular bands in the country. His New Year's Show at the Waldorf Hotel in New York will always be remembered. His recordings of "Boo-Hoo' sung by Carmen was almost a must on every program. Carmen was assisted by the trio. A great band, never will be forgotten.
"Auld Lang Syne"

B: Fulton, MO - June 1902
D: In Oregon, July 1947

Had a most exciting band, with a swinging beat. Appeared in films. Sensational showmanship. Sy Oliver contributed many of the arrangements, including "For Dancers Only" (included in this album). Recorded for DECCA and Columbia. Played all instruments but preferred to conduct "Annie Laurie," "Love Nest," and" Uptown Blues" were notable records.
"For Dancers Only"

Band Leader, Saxophonist
B: 1906

His theme was "Tonite We Love." Recorded for Columbia, Capital and Victor records. A great favorite at Coconut Grove in Los Angeles and at Saint Francis Hotel in San Francisco. His show "Big Band Cavalcade" was a huge success. At one time a personable young man was his featured vocalist - Merv Griffin. Jack Fina (pianist) played a big part in his popularity. Had a very distinctive sax sound. Started his first band in 1931, and regarded in the band business as a class gentleman.
"Tonight We Love"

Trombone, Arranger, Composer 
B: In Iowa,- 1904
D: Reported missing in flight December 15, 1944 from England

All time popular dance band and most imitated. A top trombonist. Started his own band in 1937 and lasted eight years. Ray Eberlaywas his vocalist, plus the Modern-aires. Played in the Dorsey Brothers' Orchestra, Ray Noble Orchestra. Arranged for Glen Gray. The Glenn Miller sound is still very popular today. Recorded for DECCA and Victor. Some of his famous recordings include "Chattanooga Choo-Choo," "Sunrise Serenade," "String Of Pearls," "In The Mood," "Tuxedo Junction" and his theme "Moonlight Serenade" included in this album. Also featured in films and Broadway shows In 1953 the film "Glenn Miller Story" was released.
"Moonlight Serenade"
"In The Mood"

Band Leader, Vocalist, Trumpet 
B: Akron, Ohio - October 1911 
D: Stuart, Florida - May 1973

First band in 1940. Theme song "Racing with the Moon" (in album). Recorded for Victor, Blue Bird. Played "Camel Caravan" Radio Show. Made many hit records including "Ghost Riders In the Sky." One of our more successful dance bands Handsome and outstanding personality. Appeared in ballrooms, theatres and films.
"Racing With The Moon"

Piano, Trombone, Composer
B: Scranton, PA 1904
D: In Las Vegas, August 1969

Made many fine arrangements for some of our better known bands. Recording executive. Writer of many hit songs, including his theme" Does Your Heart Beat For Me." Very popular dance band. Played the best hotels, ballrooms, and radio net-works. Many of his fine recordings on the DECCA label. Has two sons, Jack and David, who play in the band. At present, Jack Morgan is fronting the band with great success.
"Does Your Heart Beat For Me"

B: Ogden, Utah - May 1905
D: Las Vegas, Nevada - June 1965

Played with Paul Whiteman, Glenn Gray, Broadway shows. Red Nichols and His Five Pennies made many wonderful recordings. Also in films, including "The Red Nichols Story." Died of heart attack while working in Las Vegas.
"Battle Hymn of the Republic"

Pianist, Composer, Arranger
B: England, 1907
D: April 4, 1978 

Fine pianist and arranger, and composer of many hit songs, including "The Very Thought Of You," "The Touch of Your Lips," "1 Hadn't Anyone Til You." Best known composition, "Cherokee." Also great songs like "Time On My Hands," "Goodnight Sweetheart," which many bands adopted as a closer. A very popular band leader with a large college following. In the early thirties, Ray Noble with the help of Glenn Miller put together a band that opened in the Rainbow Room, N.Y. In addition to Miller the band included Claude ThornhilI-Bud Freeman, Charlie Spivak, Will Bradley and Pee Wee Erwin. Known as the all-star American Jazz Band. Also played for Jack Benny, Bob Burns, and Gracie Allen on radio shows. A great talent and a wonderful career.
"The Very Thought Of You"                                

B: Tupelo, Mississippi 1935
D: 1977

A phenomenal performer, born in Mississippi. Started singing in church choirs and began recording in 1954. He was the original King of Rock and Roll they say. His fame is worldwide and his records have sold in the millions. The greatest ever. He had the ability to sing a beautiful romantic ballad as well as a tender love song. He startled the music world with his first big hit recording of "Hound Dog." He, above all others, rated the word superstar. He will always be remembered by millions, in fact a legend. He would electrify audiences with his energy and personality. He was generous almost to a fault. He had over 40 Gold Records -- each representing over a million. Some say he was the first to shake and rock & roll. Handsome and sensual he attracted the teen age crowd, and later the entire coun-try for he sang gospel, ballads, and tender love songs with the same appeal. His "Hound Dog" record as well as "All Shookup" really shookup the recording industry. A great entertainer who made many successful movies and a complete sell-out in all of his performances. Presley cut his first record for Sun Records in 1954 - "That's All Right." Presley sold over 10,000,000 records of "Heartbreak Hotel," "Don't Be Cruel," and "Love Me Tender." A name that will always be remembered.
"Hound Dog"

Composer, Trumpet, Band Leader
B: New Orleans - December 1911
D: New Orleans - August 1978

Formed his own band in 1940. Wrote many songs including "Sing, Sing, Sing," "A Sunday Kind Of Love." Very energetic, great personality with a distinctive style. Played New York theatres and a great favorite in Las Vegas. In fact anywhere. His record with Keely Smith, his wife," Black Magic" was truly magic. His trademark and slogan "Play It Pretty For The People".
"Darktown Strutters Ball"

B: 1858 
D: 1924

Puccini saw a production of Madame Butterfly in London. He used the play as a basis for an opera. Teddy Philip, conductor and co-writer of the "Great Concert In The Sky" does a beautiful interpretation on his saxophone of the theme from Madame Butterfly.
"Theme From Madame Butterfly"

B: Luther Robinson in Richmond, VA in 1875
D: 1949

Robinson said Bojangles means "Happy Go Lucky." Started dancing at the age of eight in a colored minstrel show. He tap danced his way to fame when he became a headliner in Vaudeville. In 1927, he appeared in a Broadway show called "Black Birds On Broadway." He originated the stair dance which became so famous other dancers began to copy it. He was the pride of Harlem and even became honorary mayor. Very charitable toward many causes. Was featured in many films and appeared with Eddie "Rochester" Anderson in "One Mile From Heaven." Bill Robinson's famous stair dance routine with ShirleyTemple in the film "The Little Colonel" will always be remembered. Sheer delight. Bill Robinson was probably the greatest tap dancer of all time.

Composer, Violinist, Orchestra Leader
B: Russia - September 1913
D: Sacramento, CA - October 1948

Appeared in radio and films. Composed "It's A Wonderful World," "720 In The Books," "Now And Forever," "Nearness Of You." Also conducted band in Philadelphia- Station KYW. Known as Jan Savitt and the Top Hatters. Sponsored radio show called "Rhapsody In Rhythm."
"720 in the Book"

B: New Haven, Conn. - February 1905

Radio shows "Kate Smith Hour." His tag line "The Man Who Plays The Sweetest Trumpet In The World." Started his band in 1940. Sid Caesar, famous comic, played saxophone in his band for a short while. Nelson Riddle was arranger and trombone player at one time. His theme "Star Dreams" included in album. Recorded for Columbia and Victor. Spivak played with Dorsey Brothers, Raymond Scott and Bob Crosby. Many Vegas engagements. His first engagement with Ray Noble started his way to stardom.

B: Terre Haute, Indiana - August 1909
D: New York - July 1965

Played for Andre Kostelanetz, Paul Whiteman, Benny Goodman. Organized a "Beautiful Band." Very popular in smart hotels. Also made films. Made many fine recordings including his theme "Snowfall" and "Where Or When."

B: 1884 
D: 1966

Started her career in Boston, as a "belter." Was called the last of the red hot mama's. Featured in clubs, hotels and was considered one of our great entertainer's. Worked for many charitable causes. Recording of "My Yidisha Mama" and "Some Of These Days" are standouts Recorded for Mercury. A supreme favorite in all nite clubs.
"Some of These Days"

WILLIAM THOMAS WRIGHT known as "Fats Waller" 
B: New York City - May 1904
D: December 1943 of pneumonia on train enroute to an engagement

His last film with Lena Horne" Havin' A Ball." Recorded for Victor Records. Some of his treasured records by collectors include "Ain't Misbehavin," "Honey Suckle Rose," "I've Got A Feelin' I'm Falling." His concert in Carnegie Hall was a huge success. Toured Denmark He was known to have enjoyed a few drinks which never seemed to interfere with his wonderful performing. He was a fun loving entertainer blessed with terrific showmanship. The Fats Waller Broadway Show was a tremendous success. Made many wonderful records that will live forever. His son, Thomas Waller is a talented pianist now playing in New York.

Music Publisher, Composer, Conductor for renowned choral group
B: Tyrone, PA - June 1900
D: 1984

Known as the Pennsylvanians. Appeared in Broadway shows and films. Concert tours throughout the country. Made many beautiful records. Composer of many songs, namely "Please Don't Tell Me," "The Time Is Now," "Early In The Morning," "More Power To America," "Sleep" (his theme song) and more. Television show Fred Waring Show. Also, Old Gold Show on radio. Regarded as one of the best choral groups in the U.S.A.
"I'll See You In My Dreams"

Violinist and Trombone
B: In PA- 1901
D: March 1963

Had many important sidemen in his band. Perry Como was his featured vocalist, Elmo Tanner- whistler, Country Washburn- novelty singer, who later became stars in their own right. Recorded for Victor, Blue Bird and DECCA. A North Carolina record spinner was responsible for his big hit record "Heartaches" written by Al Hoffman. Made many great novelty records including "Peanut Vendor." Was recognized as one of the finest gentlemen in the music business. Played for Fibber-McGee and Molly for their network radio show.

B: Denver, Colorado - 1890
D: 1967

Was musical director with the Navy in World War I. His recording of "Whispering" sold close to 2,000,000 copies for Victor Record. Had a lengthy and historic engagement at the Palais Royal on Broadway which led to his appearance in George White's Scandals of 1922. Whiteman's first recording was "Wang Wang Blues" in 1920. Known as King of Jazz. Super showman. Started at Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco in 1918. Had a great vocal trio in Bing Crosby, Al Rinker and Harry Barris in his band. Mildred Bailey was featured also. Her "Rockin' Chair" record included in album is outstanding. Sponsored radio shows Kraft Music Hall and Old Gold Program. Recorded for all major labels. George Gershwin composed "Rhapsody In Blue" for Paul Whiteman which became his theme. Henry Busse was trumpet man of hot lips fame.
"Rhapsody in Blue"

Biographies of these Legendary Greats compiled by Al Trace. 
Copyright applied 1986

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