The Full Moon Ensemble: Music of Scotland, Ireland, and Early America

“Appearing on a bill of world class artists, the Full Moon Ensemble, came, saw and conquered the hearts of the Scottish people. These six talented musicians from Alabama, weave the fine threads of Celtic music into a tapestry of passionate reels and nostalgic ballads. Occasionally we may fortunate to be invited into their magical world, if offered, I urge you to accept their invitation — they’ll take your breath away. HASTE YE BACK!!”

Alex McKinven
Funding Co-Ordinator
The Mull of Kintyre Music Festival

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Allison King

Scooter Muse

Daniel Carwile

Doug Stokes Amy Carwile Randy Palmer

Full Moon Press!!

“…fiery fiddling..soulful singing…there is some beautiful music here..”
Dirty Linen / July 99

“What a wide range of tremendous musical talent! . . A must hear!”
Gary Morrison
Producer / Celtic Jam & Celtic Stages
The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

“The Full Moon Ensemble is a great mix of extraordinary muscianship, excellent material, and thrilling vocals by Allison King!…. A huge hit at the festival!”
Chris Moser
Entertainment Chairman / The Atlanta Celtic Festival

“Apparently, The Full Moon Ensemble has been Alabama’s best kept wee secret!”
Andy Donnelly
Alberta’s CKUA Radio Networks “Celtic Show”

“Full Moon Ensemble’s astounding musical talent, accomodating nature, and great wit and humor held each and every audience member captive throughout our 3 day run! Whether intimate settings  such as a tea garden or romping crowds in the Highland Pub, each and every set created more avid fans for the band here in Ontario!”

Deb Dalziel
Music Coordinator
Fergus Ontario Scottish Festival and Highland Games

“The Full Moon Ensemble is a cosmopolitan blend of Irish / American / Celtic influences combining to create a sound both subtle, free flowing and highly imaginative . . . instrumental virtuosity with haunting  arrangements . . one of the finer American Celtic outfits!. . “
John O’Regan
Journalist / Music Critic
Limerick Ireland

“The Full Moon Ensemble do not belie their heritage or forget their roots whether in far off Ireland or nearby in Alabama. This is one of the most amazing bands in all of Celtic music!”
Chris Range
Celtic Grove Radio

“Rarely are my socks knocked off, but when I heard “Full Moon Ensemble”  perform their driving(and I mean driving)  jigs and reels, and beautiful vocals in their sensitively presented songs I knew I had heard a group  unlike any other on the American Celtic festival circuit. Composed of champion musicians  and gifted singers, this group of five has a great respect for Celtic presentation, while incorporating infectious….drive and some exotic percussion. If they are ever in your town–see them!”
Charlie Zahm
Singer / Songwriter
Celtic & Maritime Music

“The Full Moon Ensemble compares with the best known artists of the Celtic genre,  like Altan, Capercaillie and Deanta!  From lovely ballads featuring the beautiful, clear voice of Allison King  and the Guitar work and tunings of Scooter Muse, to the upbeat reels featuring the fabulous fiddling of  Daniel Carwile, this band is loaded with talent!  Anyone who likes the best of the great celtic  genre will eventually find this band’s cds deserving a place in their collection.”
Scott Ericson
Music Sojourn Broadcast Network

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Judith Mccoy